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User Console

The User Console is BOLD's landing page when users log in. This console provides a quick overview of the user data management activities. Features available in this console include rapid access to frequently visited projects, reports on project activity, as well as powerful and improved search tools.

Users can rapidly view activities associated with their projects through the real-time Activity Report and quickly navigate to recently accessed projects in the Projects You Recently Accessed box, which automatically updates when the User Console is opened. Users can also view and create new datasets right from this console. Both the user's private datasets and all the public ones are visible. Public datasets are sorted by the dataset managers, so users can easily find a set of data by scanning the list of contributors.

Upload options are also provided here, so there is no need to open a specific project to upload images, trace files, or sequences. The system will match the Sample and Process IDs in the upload file and add the data to the correct records. New primers and publications can also be registered to the system from this console. These shortcuts allow users to upload data across multiple projects simultaneously.

New Integrated Search Bar

The newest version of BOLD introduces an integrated search bar accessible from the User Console , Project Console, and Project List. Users no longer have to go back to the User Console to search for records, projects codes, tags, or titles on BOLD. By selecting the Record Search from the Project Console and Record List , users now have the ability to choose if they want to search records within the project or within BOLD. For more information on the new search capabilities, click here.

User Console Illustration of the User Console

Definitions of objects on User Console
1. Project Search Jump directly to a project by entering the code or title in the project search bar. If the code is not known, generate a short list of matching projects by entering a tag on the project or part of the project title.
2. Project Management
  • Full Project List: A complete list of projects the user has access to, along with all public projects.
  • New Project: Create a new container or project to store specimen and sequence data. See the Create Project section for more details.
3. Your Data A breakdown of all records accessible to the user, separated by barcoding campaigns.
4. Your Datasets A list of the user's datasets as well as publicly accessible ones.
5. Collaborators A list of frequent collaborators ranked based on the number of shared projects.
6. Data Uploads Upload sequences, traces, and/or images directly from the User Console without having to go into the specific projects. These options are available to all users that own projects or have editing access to records. Every user has the ability to upload primers and bibliographies.
7. Recently Accessed Projects A list of recently accessed projects based on the user history. Click the Project Code to jump straight into the selected project.
8. Recent Activities
  • Search for specific events by typing in a user's name, action, date, or project into the search bar
  • Click on the action name to get a detailed report of the event and the records affected by it. Users can search the records from this report
  • Click on the Project Code to jump directly to the Project Console with its own activity feed
  • Events highlighted in blue identify actions performed by the user
Real-time Activity Reporting

The Activity Report can be viewed from the User Console and the Project Console, it logs all the activities pertinent to the user and project, respectively. This tool is very useful in keeping track of collaborative work, as users will be able to view the list of changes being made to their records. The activity report will log the addition of new specimens, images, traces, and sequences to the system, updates to specimen information, sequence deletions, and insertions of GenBank accessions. In addition, new tags, flags, and comments are also recorded, so project managers can quickly stay informed of the actions taken in their projects. Logs can be downloaded, allowing users to keep personal records and perform additional analysis.

Activity Log Activity Log from the User Console

Activity Detail Event Details from the Recent Activity Report

  • tag_new
  • tag_user
  • tag_account
  • tag_submission
  • tag_publication
  • tag_sequence
  • tag_image
  • tag_tracefile
  • tag_project

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