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Project Summary Report

The Project Summary Report is found under the publication menu on the Project Console, Dataset Console, and the Record List. The report highlights the summary information for the project or dataset, including the day the report was generated, the number of specimens, and the number of sequences obtained. In addition, it includes a distribution map for the records in the project or dataset.

The report also lists basic data on the specimens including provisional identifications, Sample ID, Museum ID, Process ID, storing institution, country/ocean, and state/province. It contains additional details on the presence of GPS points and number of images in the record. Finally it lists the GenBank accessions associated to a record where one exists, and the number of traces uploaded.

BIN names added to the Project Summary

BIN names are now also included in the Summary Report to facilitate adding these identifications into publications. BIN names are listed for each record individually, so users can copy the information available on the table and add it directly to their publications.

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