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Primer Registration

Be sure that primers are registered with BOLD before assembling the submission package. View all public primers by clicking on Primers in the Databases section on the BOLD header. To register new primers, select Primers from the Data Uploads menu in the User Console.

Please note: If the primer sequence has already been registered under a different name, the already registered code will be provided to be used for trace submissions. On the primer registration form, fill in the information illustrated below.

Primer Submission BOLD Primer submission form

Field definitions for accompanying figure.
Primer Code* Code for the primer, which should be between 3 and 12 characters. If the primer is already published in a manuscript, please use the code that is in press.
Primer Description Description of what the primer should be used for.
Alias Code Any other known code names for the primer, separated by commas.
Target Marker* A list of registered markers (e.g. ITS, COI 5', matK).
Cocktail Primer Allows for cocktail primers to be submitted.
Primer Sequence* Fill in the sequence(s), 5' to 3'.
Direction* The direction of the sequence.
Reference/Citation* References and/or citations associated with the primer.
Notes Notes about the primer.
Publicly Available If the primer has already been published, this should be left public. The other option is the keep the primer private until publication.


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