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Record List

To access the Record List, click on View All Records in the Project Console or use the Record Search to find a set of records. The Record List provides access to the specimen and sequence data for each record, it also displays the sequence length for the record, any important "extra information" about the record submitted by the user and the code for the BINs associated with each record. Select specific records to analyze or download using the checkboxes beside the records on the left hand side.

Ascending and Descending sorting

BOLD now offers the ability to sort Identification, Specimen Page, Sequence Page, Markers, Extra Info, and BINs in ascending or descending order. Click on the "up" or "down" arrows of the column of choice to reorganize the list.

Select Sample ID under the Specimen Page or Process IDs under the Sequence Page to access the Specimen Data and Sequence Data for each record, respectively.

Once the Record List is opened, users can choose the number of records they would like to see on the record list, by selecting from the menu in the upper right corner of the page.

New Integrated Search Bar

The newest version of BOLD introduces an integrated search bar accessible from the User Console , Project Console, and Project List. Users no longer have to go back to the User Console to search for records, projects codes, tags, or titles on BOLD. By selecting the Record Search from the Project Console and Record List , users now have the ability to choose if they want to search records within the project or within BOLD. For more information on the new search capabilities, click here.

Home Projects in the Project List

A new feature on BOLD v3.6 is the Home Project button on merged projects, and on searched record lists. Clicking on this button adds a "Project" column to the list, which shows the project codes associated to each record.

The project manager or user with full editing access, can move records from one project to another by selecting the appropriate records and clicking on Move Records to another Project; or add records to a dataset by clicking on Add Records to Dataset in the left hand side menu.

Flags on records:

  • Icons will appear next to a record to indicate the presence of certain data components.
  • A red-highlighted sequence length means that the sequence has more than 1% ambiguous characters. For COI, MatK, and RbcL sequences, this means they won’t meet Barcode Compliance Standard.

Record List BOLD Record List

List of BOLD Record icons
GPS GPS coordinates present for sample.
camera Record contains images of the specimen.
trace count The number of traces present for the sample.
Complaint Sequence is Barcode Compliant.
Stop Stop codons present in sequence.
contamination Contamination present in sequence.
flagged Flagged record, filtered from the ID engine.


Notes on Barcode Compliance:

Barcode Compliance flags on BOLD are now applied to plant barcode markers - MatK, RbcL, RbcLa, trnH-psbA; and fungi barcode markers - COI, ITS, and ITS2 with the same standards used on animal COI sequences. These standards include a minimum sequence length of 500bp, less than 1% ambiguous bases, the presence of two trace files, a minimum of low trace quality status, and the presence of a country specification in the record as set out by the Consortium for DNA Barcoding (CBOL).

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