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Primer Database

The Primer Database is a database of all the public primers available in BOLD. This can be accessed without a BOLD account. Using the search bar, users can enter terms that appear in the primer code, submitter, or reference fields. Selecting a primer from the database will provide details on the primer, including primer performance statistics derived from data submitted to BOLD as illustrated below. A primer or set of selected primers can be downloaded in FASTA format using the Download Selected Primers button the the right of the search bar.

If users have previously registered a primer in BOLD, it will be available in the Primer Database if the user is signed in to BOLD, allowing private primers to be edited (ie, to make it publicly available and to add citation information). New primers must be registered from the User Console before trace files generated using them are submitted to records on BOLD following the Trace Submission protocol.

Primer DB Primer database showing an example search for primers associated with the keyword "bird".

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