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Once images have been uploaded to a project, it is possible to view them in two ways. The first is by opening an individual record where any corresponding images will be displayed below the specimen data. The second is via the Image Library in order to view a group of specimens, as shown below.

The Image Library displays one image per specimen but allows users to choose a specimen orientation view in order to compare morphological differences between specimens. This tool is useful for diagnosing contamination or misidentification as taxonomy is displayed below each image. The specimens can be displayed sorted by identification or BIN. In the general options, users can also select how many images to display per row and per page.

Image Licensing is viewable upon mouse rollover. To view the attribution and further details on specific images, open the specimen data page from the record list.

Image Library Image Library (Lepidoptera) (Displayed Specimen Images: Copyright 2010, Research Collection of Ulf Eitschberger)

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