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Bibliography Submission

Users can add publication bibliographies to BOLD by using the Bibliography Submission Form available in three locations:

  1. On the the User Console
  2. Within a project, container, merged project(s), or dataset console
  3. Within a Record List page (allows user to first select the records to populate the Primary Associated Records field.)

Users with editing sequence or editing specimen access to records will have the ability to submit a bibliography for records containing the GenBank accessions.

When an article is published, it is the project manager's responsibility to make the BOLD project or dataset public, so that the records and sequences are available to the public. To do this, project managers will need to click on Modify Project Properties within the Project Console and check off the box that says "Make this project publicly visible". Publications for associated records will be available from the Record Page on the Public Data Portal .

Biblio Submission Bibliography Submission Form

Field definitions for accompanying form. (* indicates required fields)
Article Title* The name of the article/publication.
Authors* A list of the authors of the article, full names are recommended.
Journal* The name of the journal that the article is published in.
Journal Details* Year*, volume, issue, and page range.
DOI Unique Digital Object Identifier.
PubMed Info The PubMed ID (PMID) and PubMed Central ID (PMCID).
URL The URL of the PDF version of the article from the journal’s site.
Open Access Check box for openly accessible papers available without subscription.
Abstract* Official abstract of the publication.
Dates* Date published*, date received, date revised and date accepted.
Language Language(s) the paper is written in, separated by a comma.
Keywords List all keywords for the paper, separated by a comma.
Associated Records The GenBank Accessions for the primary and secondary records. If the user submitting this bibliography does not have edit access to the primary records on BOLD, then they won’t be able to associate the records with the publication. Primary accessions are those that are first released with the publication, secondary accessions are previously public sequences used for reference in the publication.


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