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Public Annotation on Databases

As the volume of barcode data being generated increases rapidly, the need for routine curation has become apparent. BOLD’s annotation and notification system supports rapid community based validation of barcode data. Annotation can occur at the project level, record level, and also on specific data elements including taxonomy, images, and sequences on BIN pages . The Annotation System leverages the large user-base and expert knowledge for curation of both private data within collaborative projects and public data through the Public Data Portal. Tagging allows for categorization using custom and controlled tags. Both custom and controlled tags can be used for filters, searches, and workflow management.

Comments and tags applied to data by BOLD users will appear in the Activity Report on the User Console and the Activity Report on the appropriate Project Console. Comments will persist on the data element with the user's full name and a date stamp. Tags can be removed at any time by any user.

Annotation is available wherever the Add Tags and Comments button appears within BOLD. Users must be signed in to BOLD to be able to add tags and comments.

Annotation and Comments buttonAnnotation Button

The figure below illustrates the annotation window which allows for comments as well as the option to choose an existing tag or create a new tag.

Annotation Annotation pop-up window

  • tag_user
  • tag_publicdata
  • tag_submission
  • tag_specimen
  • tag_sequence
  • tag_image
  • tag_bin
  • tag_annotation

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