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Registering for a User Account

Getting an account on BOLD extends the benefits available to a user of the system beyond access to public data and use of the BOLD Identification Engine. Upon signing in, users can submit data to BOLD and gain access to other in-progress, private projects with the permission of the data owners. Moreover, it is possible for users to annotate published data, as well as help to curate and clean the identification library. Once data is on BOLD, a large set of analytical tools are available for validation and generation of reports for publications.

To register for an account, click on Workbench in the header. Under the login section is a link called Create Account. After the registration form is submitted, users can log in immediately and will also receive a welcome e-mail within a few minutes. Users that are not associated with any formal institution may register for an account by registering a new institution, in the recommended format "Research Collection of Jane S. Stewards".

New User Registration Registration form for new users.

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