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Introducing BOLD Systems

The Barcode of Life Data Systems (BOLD) is a web platform that provides an integrated environment for the assembly and use of DNA barcode data. It delivers an online database for the collection and management of specimen, distributional, and molecular data as well as analytical tools to support their validation. Since its launch in 2005, BOLD has been extended to provide a range of functionality including data organization, validation, visualization and publication. The most recent version of the system, launched in October 2013, brings a collection of iterative improvements supporting data collection and analysis but also includes novel modules improving data dissemination, citation, and annotation.

BOLD is freely available to any researcher with interests in DNA Barcoding. By providing specialized services, it aids in the publication of records that meet the standards needed to gain BARCODE designation in the international nucleotide sequence databases. Because of its web-based delivery and flexible data security model, it is also well positioned to support projects that involve broad research alliances.

This documentation provides details on BOLD functionality, data structures, and best practices. It explains how to use this system to collect, manage, and publish Barcode and ancillary data. It also provides details on BOLD integrated analytical tools and how to validate barcode data. Users can search keywords to quickly find relevant handbook pages using the search bar at the top of the left side.

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The BOLD team strives to update the BOLD Handbook on a periodic basis or as new tools are added to the system. For any additional information or assistance on how to navigate and use the system, please contact the BOLD Support Team: support@boldsystems.org

To provide comments or suggestions for BOLD, please click on the buttons throughout BOLD labeled Feedback to forward your comments. Thank you in advance!

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