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BIN Discordance Report

The Barcode Index Number (BIN) module analyzes new COI sequences and assigns them to an existing or a new BIN. Please visit the BIN documentation for more details. Besides generating BIN pages, this system acts as a rapid check of the validity of taxonomic designation on specimen records.

The BIN Discordance Report facilitates this check by comparing the taxonomy on selected records against all others in the BINs they are associated with.


The results are sorted by the degree of conflict, displaying those records in BINs where there is a phylum level conflict first (likely the result of cross-contamination) down to species level conflicts. Users can select and retrieve records from this page to examine ancillary data, comment, tag, or edit the taxonomy where there is a confirmed error.

The report also lists records that are in BINs that contain no taxonomic discordance (see the Concordant BINs tab in the results page), as well as records that are in BINs that contain no other sequences (see the Singletons tab).

BIN Discordance BIN Discordance Report page

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