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Project Console

The Project Console presents the status of records in the project as well as an audit trail of the activities being performed. This console includes an overview of the number of specimens and sequences, counts of missing components in the records, a breakdown of the specimen depositories, and a list users, with their emails, who have access to the project.

Most of the information in the Project Console will be available to all users of the project, but access to certain tools will be determined by the level of permission granted by the project managers to specific users. Visit the Create New Project for more information on access permission.

Only project managers will have access to the Submit to GenBank and Modify Project Properties tools. Submit to GenBank allow project managers to send the records directly from the BOLD project to GenBank. Please click on GenBank and BOLD Public data submissions for more information on publishing records to GenBank. Modify Project Properties allow project managers to update the project title and description, add supplementary genetic markers and tags to the project, and add and remove users.

To view all records in the project, users can select View All Records. Alternatively, a subset of the project records can be searched using the Record Search menu at the top of the page.

New Integrated Search Bar

The newest version of BOLD introduces an integrated search bar accessible from the User Console , Project Console, and Project List. Users no longer have to go back to the User Console to search for records, projects codes, tags, or titles on BOLD. By selecting the Record Search from the Project Console and Record List , users now have the ability to choose if they want to search records within the project or within BOLD. For more information on the new search capabilities, click here.

Project Console BOLD Project Console

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