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Distribution Map Analysis

The new Distribution Map plot the collection points for a selected set of specimens when geographic reference data is available. There are two versions available for use.

Interactive Map
  • GPS points are clustered on the map in coloured circles, and single records are signified by a blue marker. The circles indicate that there are multiple GPS points clustered there - hovering over these circles will display the bounds of the cluster. Green circles indicate that there is more than 1 point, yellow circles have more than 10 points, and orange circles have more than 100 points.
  • The square symbol in the upper right corner of the map is a search tool that allows users to draw a rectangle on the map to select all the records that fall within that region. The records can then be searched on BOLD in order to allow users to download or run further analysis on that subset of records. It also allows users to edit records to quickly correct GPS points, if they are found to be incorrect.
  • Users can zoom in out or on the map using their mouse scroll wheel, or with the plus/minus buttons provided in the upper left hand side. Clicking on one of the GPS cluster markers will zoom in to that cluster.
  • The Interactive Map is built on the open-access platform OpenStreetMap and therefore can be published, re-used, and modified at the user’s discretion

Quick Map Interactive map

Google Earth
  • The Google Earth map is a display of the specimen collection points in the program Google Earth. This is free software that can be downloaded from the web. Google gives permission for use in publications as long as the Google logo remains on the image.
  • The Google Earth map is a portable KML file download which can be shared among colleagues. It is available by clicking on the Open in Google Earth link at the top of the Interactive Map. This file has embedded specimen images, along with specimen identifiers, country, province/state, institution/collection information, and the Extra Info field.

Google Earth Map Google Earth Map

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