Barcode Index Numbers

The Barcode Index Number(BIN) System clusters sequences using well established algorithms to produce operational taxonomic units that closely correspond to species. BINs are unique in that clusters are indexed in a regimented way so genetically identical taxa encountered in different studies reside under shared identifiers . Clustering has been parameterized by using 'training data' from taxonomically diverse records collected by barcoding efforts to date. Training sets are based on established taxonomy to recognize those sequence clusters that are likely to correspond to biological species. Each novel cluster is assigned a globally unique identifier that is registered in the Barcode of Life Data System (BOLD).

BIN pages include a dendrogram of all member sequences and associated literature. A wiki interface enables the generation of short descriptions and annotation of data elements. Registered users can tag and enter comments on BIN pages, with submitted annotations automatically being sent to data owners.

Public Barcode Clusters: 669879

Animals: 666193 Public BINs

Other Life: 3686 Public BINs


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